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Clinical content about a variety of avian species – from backyard poultry flocks to cage birds – and disease threats.

Saving curlews: One Health approach to preservation

Glen Cousquer celebrates the magical call and wonder of this wader, discussing the growing worry of its future in our world.

42 mins
Avian influenza: are you prepared to see pet poultry this season?

Henrietta Kodilinye-Sims aims to help all veterinary staff comply with the RCVS code in delivering first aid and emergency care to these birds.

Ep 83: Pet poultry – don’t panic!

With an increasing number of people buying and caring for chickens – either for their eggs or purely as pets – Henrietta Kodilinye‑Sims addresses some of the challenges these plucky patients present.

3 mins
Pet poultry – don’t panic!

Chickens are being increasingly kept as pets – and with it comes the likelihood of presentations in practice. Henrietta Kodilinye‑Sims addresses some of the challenges – from identifying clinical signs to responsible prescribing in line with legislative requirements – as well as tips for nursing care plans…

Treatment of cataracts in a parrot

Richard Jones recounts a procedure borrowed from human medicine that successfully restored the sight of a juvenile bird.

8 mins
Approach to pet chicken care

Brigitte Lord discusses primary health care, including advice and support for clients, and factors to give clinicians more confidence in their approach to this prey species.

49 mins
Management of avian lead poisoning – a new approach

Mónica Guerrero Méndez discusses how to manage this systemic disease in psittacines, birds of prey and waterfowl, using a parrot case example.

31 mins
Severe crop burn in an African grey parrot chick

Mónica Guerrero Méndez discusses the steps taken in a case of an 11-week-old psittacine that presented with this commonly reported condition.

34 mins
Care of psittacines: advice on basic principles part 2

RVN Clare Jones discusses the importance of providing parrots with environmental enrichment, and outlines common signs of illness.

16 mins
Care of psittacines: advice on basic principles part 1

Clare Jones, in the first of a two-part article, familiarises VNs with parrot handling, diet, environment and illness.

28 mins
Diagnosing endocrine disease in parrots

While disorders of parrots' endocrine systems are rare, Yvonne van Zeeland insists the principles of diagnosis and treatment in mammals are a good starting point in suspected cases.

32 mins
Avian metapneumovirus in poultry – an overview

Marco Falchieri describes the origin of this worldwide common respiratory pathogen, its diagnosis and, as no therapy is available, advises a preventive approach is critical.

27 mins
Providing a safe home for parrots through avoiding everyday hazards

Fiona Froehlich and Neil Forbes give advice on various hazards bird owners should be aware of when looking after their pets at home.

20 mins
Feather-plucking parrots: what every veterinarian should know

Roy Earle discusses signs, aetiology and treatment – as well as the importance of owner understanding – concerning consults in which parrots display feather plucking.

31 mins
How an avian vet tackles dealing with sick birds

Tariq Abou-Zahr and Neil Forbes discuss the avian practitioner’s approach to sick or injured birds – including safety, thorough history taking and treatment.

38 mins
Treating superficial chronic ulcerative dermatitis in parrots

Fiona Froehlich and Neil Forbes explain the causes of severe skin-related conditions in parrots, the treatments and why regular assessment is vital.

14 mins
Tracheal disease in avians: preparation and treatment

Neil Forbes considers possible causes of tracheal disease in avians, such as parasites, and presenting signs, plus he details potential surgical options.

21 mins