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featured cpd material

Eleanor Goad explains how a focus on healthy eating and proper nutrition will have a positive affect, not only on your own health and well-being, but, ultimately, that of the patients in your care.

9 mins

RVN Dale Gillies explains why the anaesthesia of avian species shouldn’t be as daunting as people believe it is, and describes her approach to the procedure – from pre-surgery planning to recovery.

19 mins

Having outlined the basic pathophysiology of head trauma in part one of this series, Gerardo Poli discusses ways of lowering cerebral blood volume to tackle this issue.

10 mins

In the first of a new series on head trauma, Gerardo Poli starts off with some basic pathophysiology.

9 mins

Jane Davidson tells the tale of Moxie, an aged cat who was saved, and who saved others – including a “6kg muffin of unneutered tom boy” called Billy.

16 mins

Hubert Hiemstra discusses how he used the principles of hydroponics to boost his understanding – and increase his knowledge – of circulatory shock in critically ill patients.

13 mins

In her second post for Vet Times, Dale Gillies details the steps that can be taken to reduce risks with rabbit care with regard to anaesthetics and recovery.

19 mins

Gerardo Poli delves into the true definition of this personal and professional equilibrium, and reveals how many people don't completely understand what it is they’re striving to achieve.

6 mins

Hubert Hiemstra describes the collection of blood to carry out an autotransfusion, as well as two methods of administering the blood back into the patient.

8 mins

New RVN author Dale Gillies starts off her Vet Times blogging career with a tasteful little piece about the best ways to make a dog revisit its last meal…

12 mins

Gerardo Poli reveals his tried and tested ritual of reseting his composure between consults and emergencies.

10 mins

In the final post of her blog series, Carly Kilby discusses how she overcame impostor syndrome by proving her worth – not just to the practices she locums for, but to herself – and explains how you can, too.

8 mins