Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs

Case studies, news updates and clinical resources dedicated to this popular rodent species.

Looking after small mammals – guinea pig care

Benjamin Witcomb explains the basic needs of these popular pets and the VN’s role in supporting owners in caring for them.

54 mins
Indoor life for outdoor animals – reducing stress for rabbits and...

John Chitty explains how owners can provide for the needs of their pet rabbits and guinea pigs as well as possible.

12 mins
Diseases and odontogenic abscesses in guinea pigs

From the Vet Times archives – Elisabetta Mancinelli explores research that has come off the back of increasing awareness of this species.

21 mins
Nursing guinea pigs – advice to share with owners

April Louise Murphy discusses the care of these popular pets, including housing, nutrition and common ailments.

17 mins
Common conditions of guinea pigs: part 2

Elisabetta Mancinelli, in the final of her series, considers common diseases affecting the reproductive and respiratory tract.

40 mins
Common conditions of guinea pigs – part 1

Elisabetta Mancinelli begins this series by discussing urinary tract and gastrointestinal disorders that are frequently seen in these patients.

46 mins
Suzanne Moyes answers your questions on guinea pigs

Ahead of the inaugural Guinea Pig Awareness Week (22 to 28 March), vet Suzanne Moyes of Burgess Pet Care – organiser of the event – answers questions covering common health problems, nutritional needs and owner engagement…

26 mins
Case of splenic haemangiosarcoma in a guinea pig

Mónica Guerrero Méndez discusses the examination, treatment and outcome in this patient, as well as the need to consider this differential diagnosis when investigating abdominal masses.

33 mins
Approach to urolithiasis in guinea pigs

Elisabetta Mancinelli describes the clinical presentation and diagnosis of this condition, as well as management and surgical options.

59 mins
Guinea pig husbandry – housing, diet and handling

Elisabetta Mancinelli examines how to manage this species by assessing its natural behaviour and interaction with other animals.

27 mins
Vitamin C supplementation in guinea pigs

Like primates, guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C, so it must be supplied in the diet.

3 mins
Skin problem solutions for guinea pigs

Jenny Towers examines causes of skin disorders presenting in guinea pigs, such as self-chewed fur, and how treatment methods can include aromatherapy.

20 mins