Clinical advice, common presentations, resources and much more about the UK’s third most popular pet.

Use of maropitant in rabbits: a literature review

Elisabetta Mancinelli reviews available evidence for use of the specific synthetic, non-peptide, selective NK-1 receptor antagonist.

34 mins
Rhinoscopy for neoplasia debridement in a pet rabbit

Sergio Silvetti DVM, CertAVP(ZM), MRCVS and Lourdes Lavilla-Atienza MRCVS discuss retrograde rhinoscopy on a five-month-old miniature lop rabbit.

31 mins
Looking after small mammals – rabbit care

Benjamin Witcomb explains the basic needs of these popular pets and the VN’s role in supporting owners in caring for them.

54 mins
Diagnosis and treatment of a rabbit with gastric dilatation volvulus

Dean Felkler and Carrie Kuzma discuss how CT was used to identify and treat a case of gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV).

Insulinoma in a pet rabbit

Lucy Robson uses an emergency presentation at the RVC to recommend insulinoma as a differential diagnosis for rabbits showing neurological and hypoglycaemic signs.

14 mins
CT: a powerful diagnostic for the rabbit abdomen

Zoo, wildlife and exotic animal medicine specialist Copper Aitken-Palmer discusses the use of CT for diagnosing abdominal issues in rabbits.

Bonding in pet rabbits: what have we learned?

Guen Bradbury and Richard Saunders share findings from a questionnaire conducted by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund on this topic.

5 mins
Behaviour problems in rabbits

Guen Bradbury emphasises the importance of working with owners to understand and resolve issues in these popular pets.

31 mins
Muesli for rabbits – the vets’ (and the rabbits’) perspective

John Chitty considers the results of a study spanning almost eight years and what it can tell about diet trends in leporids.

20 mins
Room for rabbits, part 2: behaviour and veterinary considerations

After part one explored why “Room for rabbits” was chosen as the theme for Rabbit Awareness Week 2022 (27 June to 1 July), this webinar looks at the roles of companionship, handling and diet in ensuring rabbits are kept in suitable environments.

1 mins
Room for rabbits, part 1: raising awareness of environmental needs

Part one of a two-part series for Rabbit Awareness Week 2022, this webinar looks at why “Room for rabbits” was chosen as the theme for this year’s campaign, and how veterinary teams can get involved and raise awareness of rabbits’ environmental needs with clients.

1 mins
Indoor life for outdoor animals – reducing stress for rabbits and...

John Chitty explains how owners can provide for the needs of their pet rabbits and guinea pigs as well as possible.

12 mins
Rabbit welfare in veterinary practice

Marianne Segev explores ways of reducing stress in rabbits, including how to help owners prepare their pets for travelling and visiting the practice.

41 mins
Preventive health care in rabbits

John Chitty reviews the care of this species and how veterinary surgeons can help owners improve their pets’ welfare.

36 mins
Summer rabbit care: what vets and owners need to know

Marianne Segev and Nadia Wiseman discuss summer considerations with regards to rabbit care, and how they present an opportunity for vets and VNs to engage with owners between their annual vaccination checks.

51 mins
Rabbits: now and in the future

Despite huge strides in knowledge in the past two decades, many aspects of rabbit medicine and surgery are yet to be fully understood. With this in mind, Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund veterinary advisor Richard Saunders outlines some of the “leaps and bounds” he’d like to see in the near future for the UK’s third most popular pet.

24 mins
Rabbits – ‘the most challenging exotic we work with’

Exotics VN Matthew Rendle – chairman of RCVS VN council – discussed the unique challenges rabbits present in nursing clinics when he took part in a Q&A session during VN Times Happy Hour 2.0.

2 mins
Rabbit facts, stats and resources

Your interactive guide to the wonderful world of rabbits. Click on each graphic to learn more…

Understanding nutrition and dentistry in rabbits

Suzanne Moyes discusses the ideal diet for rabbits, as well as the link between nutrition and dentistry, and identification and treatment of dental issues.

28 mins
Common presentations in rabbits

Rabbits are now widely accepted as the third most popular pet in the UK, so knowing about them is becoming really important, says Rachel Chambers.

7 mins