Clinical content and resources on a range of reptile species – including tortoises, snakes and geckos.

Matt’s Masterclass: energy efficiency and exotics

As the cost of living crisis bites for many pet owners, this month, Matt provides some tips and hints to pass on to them about keeping reptiles in an energy-efficient way.

18 mins
Haematology findings from a tortoise

Francesco Cian continues his Cytology Corner series by discussing the case of a tortoise that presented with lethargy and anorexia.

3 mins
Cytology findings from a lethargic bearded dragon

Francesco Cian discusses the case of a one-year-old female bearded dragon as part of his regular Diagnostic Dilemmas column in Vet Times.

10 mins
Suspected bladder stone in an African spurred tortoise

Sonya Miles recounts the case of this reptile that presented with anorexia and was reported to have passed gritty urates.

9 mins
Shell rot: a clinical approach and treatment

Mónica Guerrero Méndez suggests various stages required for diagnosing, treating and preventing this common condition in tortoises.

32 mins
Critical care of tortoise found in pond

Violaine Colon details the case of a 60-year-old male that was unresponsive and apnoeic after being recovered from this location.

21 mins
Ventral thermal burn in a royal python

Sonya Miles recalls the case of a four-year-old female snake that presented with a erythematous lesion to the ventrum.

9 mins
Gastrointestinal obstruction in a leopard gecko

Sonya Miles describes her approach to removing a large abdominal mass from a lethargic, poorly cared for lizard.

9 mins
Paget’s disease in a Brazilian rainbow boa

A Case Notes article from Sonya Miles takes the less-usual case of a three-year-old male, captive bred Brazilian rainbow boa.

8 mins
Preovulatory follicular stasis in a tortoise

Sonya Miles describes the case of a 75-year-old spur-thighed tortoise that presented with the reproductive condition.

16 mins
Dystocia in a corn snake

Sonya Miles details the examination, surgery and treatment of a five-year-old corn snake with multiple desiccated follicles and retained infertile eggs.

8 mins
Ovarian teratoma in a bearded dragon

Agata Witkowska details the case of a reptile with an abdominal mass, from its diagnosis to treatment and removal via surgery.

24 mins
Anorexia and submandibular oedema in a male chameleon

Sonya Miles describes the case of a panther chameleon that presented with these symptoms, along with grip weakness.

14 mins
Solving common hibernation complications in tortoises

Mónica Guerrero-Méndez discusses safe steps for ensuring a safe hibernation for tortoises, including the best advice to provide owners before starting and medical problems that can occur.

28 mins
Managing tortoise shell injuries

Kevin Eatwell reviews the steps to be taken in stabilising shell injuries in tortoises and then moves on to the methods used in repair to ensure successful outcomes.

36 mins
What to do if presented with tortoises suffering shell injury

Madonna Livingstone considers the treatment options – and the lengthy recovery time in some cases – for tortoises that have suffered serious injuries to their shells.

24 mins
Common nutritional disorders of captive reptiles

Elisabetta Mancinelli provides a brief overview of the dietary requirements of some species commonly kept as pets, and the need to educate owners and keepers about their needs.

26 mins
Snakes: husbandry and common health problems

Joanna Hedley discusses the challenges of examining these patients, with a focus on the most common types of non-venomous snakes kept in captivity.

28 mins
Health screening of reptiles

Marie Kubiak advises on handling initial consultations in reptiles, including screening for infectious conditions, in this article from the Vet Times archives.

34 mins