Information dedicated to species commonly kept as pets – including hamsters and chinchillas.

Looking after small mammals – hamster care

Benjamin Witcomb explains the basic needs of these popular pets and the VN’s role in supporting owners in caring for them.

54 mins
Getting to the root of the problem: dental disease in small mammals

Abigail Edis looks at the development, diagnosis and treatment of this issue in rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, as well as the need for owner education on appropriate foods and spotting the clinical signs…

35 mins
Urinalysis in chinchillas

From the Vet Times archives – Elisabetta Mancinelli explores research that has come off the back of increasing awareness of this species.

15 mins
Blood collection options in rodents

Elisabetta Mancinelli describes methods and locations to obtain blood, and volumes considered safe to withdraw in these patients.

26 mins
Nursing hamsters – advice to share with owners

April Louise Murphy discusses the care of these popular pets, including housing, nutrition and common ailments.

16 mins
Surgical removal of soft tissue mass in a pet rat

Sonya Miles discusses a common presentation in these animals by using a case study – detailing surgery, recovery and outcome.

17 mins
Management of pain in small furries: types and protocols

Sonya Miles looks at methods of assessing and managing these symptoms in exotic species.

25 mins
Basic care requirements of rabbits and small furries

Kate Forshaw and Livia Benato outline the perioperative and nutritional management required by these animals, with a focus on ferrets and skunks.

28 mins
Small mammal analgesics

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses the important topic of effective use of analgesics in small mammals.

55 mins
Spontaneous mammary tumours, part 3: hamsters and hedgehogs

Elisabetta Mancinelli presents the third part of a her series on spontaneous mammary tumours, this time focusing on hamsters and hedgehogs.

23 mins
The rodent patient: how to deal with common emergencies

Rodent medicine has developed greatly in recent years and, as Livia Benato explains, many treatments and diagnostic tests can now be offered for these interesting animals.

34 mins
Spontaneous mammary tumours – part 2: rats

The second of a two-part Exotic Encounters article by Elisabetta Mancinelli focuses on rats, looking at the latest findings in the species.

25 mins
Spontaneous mammary tumours, part 1: rabbits and guinea pigs

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses one of the most important diseases among females of all species, including humans, in a three-part series.

21 mins
Studies into pet rodent species

Elisabetta Mancinelli reports on species that have been increasingly studied in the past decade.

26 mins
Hamster cutaneous lymphoma

Sonya Miles describes the case of an adult Syrian hamster that presented with anorexia, alopecia and extreme skin scaling.

12 mins
Diagnostic tests for hamsters

Elisabetta Mancinelli looks at diagnostic testing in a commonly kept species in the latest Exotic Encounters spot.

24 mins
Treating and maintaining exotic squirrels as companion animals

Marie Kubiak discusses caring for some uncommon members of the squirrel family kept as pets in the UK, including Siberian chipmunks and Richardson’s ground squirrels.

20 mins
Care and common ailments of small exotic mammals

Lesa Thompson outlines some of the primary needs regarding exotic rodents commonly kept as pets, along with prevalent conditions they may present with in vet practices.

22 mins
Tips and techniques for rabbits and small furries

Nicola Ackerman reviews general management advice that can be shared with owners of rabbits and small furries to help sustain pet well-being.

18 mins
Small mammal nutrition: significance of feeding a species-specific diet

Lynne Kerrigan highlights the importance of providing rabbits and rodents commonly kept as pets with the correct, nutritionally balanced diet.

23 mins