May 2024

Charlie Fisher outlines what is needed to prepare for these cases, treatment options available and the debunking of more archaic methods of managing affected patients.

35 mins

Jessica Bell details how to distinguish between an adverse event and a life-threatening situation when dealing with patients under anaesthesia, as well as the actions veterinary nurses can take.

59 mins

New RVN author Dale Gillies starts off her Vet Times blogging career with a tasteful little piece about the best ways to make a dog revisit its last meal…

12 mins

April 2024

Ben Witcomb details the most prevalent issues that present in young dogs, as well as owner education and the VN’s role in treatment.

47 mins

Charlie Fisher discusses several instances where evidence of disparity in the veterinary nursing sector exists, and how she believes more should be done to not only highlight this, but close the gap completely.

29 mins

March 2024

Are you a veterinary nurse who has taken on a rescue? Are you involved with conservation? Has a rehabilitation case stolen your heart? We want to hear from you!

1 mins

“Success can come in different ways. I wasn’t successful as a head nurse, but it didn’t stop me being successful somewhere else. It's not a measure of who you are – that’s not your top potential – it’s just where you are right there. It’s not a reason to quit!”

1 mins

RVN Ami Wood ponders the stigma that surrounds mental health and shares some advice for others struggling in a world that needs to create a culture of acceptance.

8 mins

The veterinary nurse. A key member of the practice team that enables and ensures that clinics run smoothly to provide patient and client care with compassion at the heart of their work. But, have we explored the potential for nurses to expand their remit and grasp the opportunities for practice ownership?

27 mins

Heather Simcock covers the highs and lows of this increasingly common condition in feline patients, including pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment.

53 mins

Kirsty Cavill discusses her experience in this area of veterinary medicine, and why its proliferation can only be a good thing for nurses.

47 mins

Kelly Huitson offers an overview of this procedure, including how it works, practical applications, treatment and uses.

29 mins

Marie Rippingale considers a specialist role at risk of being overlooked in some practices, and how the skill sets these professionals offer can best be used.

16 mins

February 2024

“It's taken me a long time to get where I want to be – because you don’t just fall into it; it's not that easy. But all my experiences along the way have set me up, ready for this, and I can now go to work and enjoy my job, I can just love it, and it’s my place and it’s my time to just be me!”

1 mins

VN Times has always been committed to providing a regular platform for the voices of the veterinary nursing profession to be heard. This month, contributors – along with VN Times editor Lacey Pitcher – share perspectives on some of the challenges and joys that come with being part of the veterinary nursing community.

11 mins

Gill Hayes considers how balancing animal welfare with conflicts arising due to client demands or practice constraints may have a significant impact on veterinary nurse students and registered nurses alike...

32 mins

Sarah-Jayne Richards recounts the presentation of a female Labrador retriever and the anaesthetic plan performed to treat such a symptom.

47 mins

Emma Foreman runs through the expectations for an important role in student nurse development.

7 mins

Anna Mercer explains how, in the same way cats should no longer be considered as small dogs, this inquisitive species has its own unique set of husbandry and veterinary needs.

50 mins

January 2024

“We had so many interesting conversations; I questioned why, in this day and age, animals are neglected as much as they are. And when we looked at it, religion factors massively – and also, education! ”

1 mins