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April 2024

Anna Bruguera-Sala considers national steps taken to tackle this disease, as well as how vets can educate farmers.

50 mins

Norbert Mencke discusses the connection between human, animal and environmental health.

17 mins

Nigel Dougherty shares his knowledge on this subject, aiming to ease the concerns of such a situation.

55 mins

Chris Dixon talks through diagnosis and surgical options that can treat rhegmatogenous detached retinas in dogs, and even bring sight back.

27 mins

Peter Edgar recounts the 60th anniversary meeting of the British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association with its Back to the Future-inspired theme.

31 mins

John Chitty looks at the data from owners of these pets, and how vets can monitor and advise on welfare.

32 mins

Samantha Taylor emphasises the importance of being vigilant for this condition.

31 mins

Jack Reece discusses this condition that is being seen more frequently in the UK among imported dogs.

22 mins

Tamsin Durston RVN explains the benefits of Dogs Trust’s Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme and how it can increase the client and clinic bond.

24 mins

Alex Gough reviews recent studies into identifying animal pain, accessibility of care, lymphoma in dogs, prebiotics, canine urothelial carcinoma, pancreatitis in cats and smartphone-based ECGs.

17 mins

Davide Immediato and Filippo De Bellis outline causes, diagnosis and treatment of pruritus in canines.

82 mins

Nigel Dougherty shares a sublime experience among these curious birds on New Zealand’s rugged south-western coastline.

14 mins

March 2024

With shifting pathogen types, mastitis has evolved, but still remains a common and economically challenging disease. The author reviews literature on prevention and treatment.

41 mins

With mean lameness prevalence in UK and worldwide herds around a third, and the livestock sector facing increasing cost pressures, tackling it remains an important focus. This article, the first in a two-parter, looks at research for a key condition.

23 mins

The authors explore how effetive techniques are key to success in scour prevention.

36 mins

While good-quality milk powders are important for calf development, the roles of quality colostrum, transition milk and dry feed should not be discounted, writes Selena Field.

28 mins

Abortions of lambs can take an emotional, as well as a financial, toll on farming clients. Here, the author focuses on common causes, diagnosis and the valuable advice farm vets can provide ahead of the main lambing period.

39 mins

Jordi Balana Pedrol and Emily Dutton provide readers with an overview of both the aetiology and available treatment options for canine patients presenting with this condition.

53 mins

In the latest of his Diagnostic Dilemmas series, Francesco Cian reviews the case of a 14-year-old Arabian gelding presented with a subcutaneous mass in the dorsal neck area.

8 mins

Norbert Mencke covers medicine to treat parasites, creating suitable environments and owner compliance.

43 mins