Ceva Animal Health

Sheep vets are encouraged to contact their clients before tupping to discuss the merits of vaccination against enzootic abortion of ewes (EAE).

25 mins

Onswitch founder Alison Lambert discusses how COVID-19 has highlighted the critical importance of how we communicate with clients and how owners hear messages about the pets they live with.

6 mins

March is officially Pet Anxiety Month! Ceva, the manufacturer of Adaptil and Feliway, is helping owners to become more aware of the signs of anxiety in their pets.

3 mins

In the latest in our Practice Champions series, we team up with Ceva Animal Health and hear from Stephanie Barnard-Horne DipVN, RVN, ISFMCertFN, FnD(WVA), from Oxford Cat Clinic on high blood pressure in feline patients and the ease of measuring it.

15 mins

Feline hypertension is a significant problem in clinical practice that causes morbidity and mortality in ageing cats.

10 mins

In a night of glitz and glamour, Birmingham's Burlington Hotel played host to the annual Ceva Animal Welfare Awards.

16 mins

Nutrition during the dry period is critical for dairy cattle, writes Alex Bach.

25 mins

The incidence of milk leakage is an indirect indicator of the three axes at dry-off: … more

9 mins

The bovine mammary gland undergoes dramatic changes during the production cycle of the cow, writes Lorraine … more

8 mins

Find out more about the different dry off methods and their impact on udder health, … more

15 mins