Equisolon – the only prednisolone oral powder formulation available for horses – is now available in both a sachet and a jar, giving you full flexibility in your measured approach to severe equine asthma.

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This episode of the Vet Times Podcast focuses on strangles, one of the most common equine respiratory diseases in the UK, with an estimated 600 outbreaks here alone.

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The Lifelong Ear Partnership from Dechra can help you educate owners on all aspects of otitis within a limited consult time.

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In this VBJ veterinary medicine Insight feature, head of digital learning at Dechra Jack Dickinson discusses his top tips on how veterinary professionals can upskill and keep up to date with the latest thinking through modern and traditional learning experiences.

15 mins

Porus® One and its sister product Add One® are two innovative products available from Dechra to support kidney health in senior cats.

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Having been in development for more than 25 years, Strangvac® is the first and only intramuscular strangles vaccine for horses and ponies.

10 mins

Dechra Veterinary Products has launched Mirataz®, the first and only veterinary licensed transdermal medication for weight gain in cats.

3 mins

Heart failure is a common problem in dogs but, with correct treatment and careful monitoring, signs can be well managed, providing a good quality of life.

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Equisolon is the only oral corticosteroid powder formulation registered for horses.

Dechra Veterinary Products has unveiled a new apple flavoured presentation of Equipalazone to help its trusted powerful pain relief product improve compliance among even the fussiest of feeders.

The only otitis externa treatment that applies as a liquid and forms as a gel. Active where it’s needed.

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A practice-based clinical research project using Solacyl, an oral NSAID, in reared beef calves to reduce pneumonia symptoms and requirement for routine antibiotics.

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Hyperadrenocorticism (HAC) is a challenging, but rewarding disease to diagnose and treat. It is a … more

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