Numerous studies have demonstrated clear benefits in using renal diets to manage cats with International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) Stage 2 CKD onwards – read more here.

28 mins

Advances in hydration science have reached the clinic, with a novel “nutrient-enriched water supplement” proven to increase fluid intake in cats.

7 mins

Intent on doing more of what matters for pets, the people who love them and the planet we share, Purina has taken on six commitments focused around initiatives for pets, communities and the environment.

9 mins

Pet owners do not always appreciate the impact being overweight can have on a pet’s health. However, behavioural science as it applies to the client has the potential to bring about a shift in their approaches to pet care.

3 mins

This podcast explores the role of behavioural science in understanding and addressing pet obesity.

1 mins

An update on the key roles that nutrition plays in maintaining skin and coat health, as well as its use in the management of some dermatological conditions.

24 mins

The science behind early enteral nutrition and the practicalities of using this to improve patient outcomes.

16 mins

None of us are in any doubt. At the start of 2022, as a community of pet lovers, owners, pet care experts, veterinarians and suppliers, we all know that pet obesity is a serious problem...

15 mins

An update on how we are learning ever more about the gut microbiome and the different ways we can influence it to support our patients.

16 mins

Dr Laflamme explains how recent research has highlighted the importance of nutrients – including taurine, carnitine, antioxidants and magnesium – in cardiac health and disease.

Dr Johnny Li, an expert in nutrigenomics and Senior Principal Scientist at Nestlé Purina PetCare, explains how recent research has expanded the ways in which we can use nutrition to support cardiac health.

Advances in hydration science have reached the clinic, with a novel “nutrient-enriched water supplement” proven to increase fluid intake in cats.

7 mins

In this Vet Times Podcast, research scientist Dr Brian Zanghi talks about his work on a nutrient-enriched water supplement and its effects on feline hydration.

3 mins

Sarah Caney BVSc, PhD, DSAM(Feline), MRCVS explains the importance of fluid intake in cats suffering from this disease and suggests various tactics to achieve this.

45 mins

Independent feline consultant Andy Sparkes discusses how cats can be encouraged to drink more fluids – in particular the role of nutrient-enriched water supplements, such as Pro Plan Hydra Care.

4 mins

This podcast addresses the obstacles veterinary professionals can face in having conversations about pet nutrition with their clients.

4 mins

In this podcast, sponsored by Purina Petcare, we’re joined by Andy Sparkes to talk about the important welfare issues around feline relinquishment, particularly as a result of the owner’s allergy to their cat.

2 mins

In this podcast, sponsored by Purina Petcare, Ebenezer Satyaraj tells us about a significant new product breakthrough in the management of feline allergens.

A healthy gastrointestinal system is important for a pet’s all-round health. PRO PLAN® FortiFlora® is a probiotic supplement that helps maintain optimal intestinal health in cats and dogs.

4 mins

VBJ talks to Libby Sheridan, Nestlé Purina's veterinary technical manager, about the significance of a Purina finding, and why it is important to keep pushing the boundaries of pet nutrition.

17 mins