Vet ophthalmology specialist Charlotte Dawson talks about the use of anti-collagenase therapy in the management of corneal ulcers in dogs and cats.

1 mins

Vetbromide is the latest addition to TVM’s Epilepsy Management System, and is the only potassium bromide product licensed for adjunct and monotherapy use.

6 mins

In this podcast on epilepsy – sponsored by Vetbromide, the latest addition to TVM’s epilepsy range of product – we talk about when to treat epilepsy in dogs, what with, and how to monitor patients effectively.

Coprophagia (the ingestion of faeces) in adult dogs is more common than you might think. How should you advise your clients on this problematic behaviour?

8 mins

Stephanie Phillips explains, with the help of TVM UK, how activated charcoal can be used to treat and range of poison cases.

11 mins

TVM UK has produced a range of downloadable guidelines to complement its “Anti-tox” range, including one to help with the diagnosis and treatment of chocolate poisoning during the busy Easter period.

7 mins

In the next of our series featuring VNs’ efforts at championing causes in practice, we team up with TVM UK to hear from Jack Davies NCert(E&CC), RVN, on poisoning from this sweet-tasting crystalline substance – something he feels is becoming a “far too common scenario”, with often devastating consequences.

17 mins