Norbert Mencke covers medicine to treat parasites, creating suitable environments and owner compliance.

43 mins

Norbert Mencke discusses the affects the issue has on the public – and what improvements need to be made.

31 mins

Norbert Mencke highlights the issues around parasites in cats and how to help owners achieve a better understanding.

22 mins

In today’s episode, sponsored by Vetoquinol, we delve into fluorescence biomodulation and the concerning lack of awareness about anti-microbial resistance.

2 mins

Protection against all major types of parasites in the UK with just four applications per year – helping to support pet owner compliance.

10 mins

At Vetoquinol, we believe parasite protection for cats should be straightforward…

2 mins

Vetoquinol asked two cardiology specialists to discuss their use of UpCard in the first line and refractory treatment of congestive heart failure cases.

3 mins

New webinar sees two leading cardiologists discuss the use of torasemide in the first line treatment of congestive heart failure (CHF).

7 mins